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Berths 171-173 - The California Petroleum Co.


Aerial view of Berths 171-173
Aerial view of Berths 171-173

However, the California Petroleum Company site (now the GATX Marine Oil Terminal) is apparently the single surviving and relatively intact example of an oil terminal constructed by one of the many independent oil companies trading at the Port during the oil boom of the 1920s. The site consists of two tank farms, which are areas surrounded by 17-foot-high concrete retaining walls. The 80,000-gallon tanks are 41 feet in height and 115 feet in diameter. Tank Farm 1 contains four 80,000-gallon tanks and two smaller tanks. Tank Farm 2 contains two 80,000-gallon tanks and three smaller tanks. Two flat-roofed, one-story reinforced concrete pump houses are situated in niche recesses in the eastern retaining walls. Two wood-frame, stucco-clad office buildings are located between the retaining wall and the wharfs, near the southern end of the site.

View from wharf
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The 80,000-gallon gasoline and oil tanks, retaining walls, and two pump houses were all constructed for the California Petroleum Company in 1923. The Texas Company apparently constructed the office buildings during the late 1930s or early 1940s. (View modern photos of Berths 170-171.)